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Everything You Need To Play Better Acoustic Solos

Whether you’re an electric guitar player that also performs on acoustic from time to time, or you’re exclusively an acoustic player …. your approach and technique for soloing on the acoustic is really quite different than soloing on electric.

In this Soloing edition of Corey Congilio’s Acoustic Crossover, you’ll play your way through 10 “acoustic soloing” performance studies, each of which will highlight a particular approach or concept that you can easily incorporate into your own acoustic soloing immediately.

”Truth be told, I’m really excited about this course. There’s been plenty of times over the years where I’ve had to play acoustic guitar on a show where I had to take a solo. What I found early on was that traditional electric guitar licks and riffs didn’t translate to the acoustic guitar. I had to figure out a way to incorporate open strings and licks as well as harmonized lines to really stand out

About Corey

For over 20 years, Corey Congilio has immersed himself in rich and diverse musical career. His experience as a touring guitarist, session musician, educator and presenter has proved valuable in connecting with audiences around the world.

As a guitarist versed in all contemporary styles, Corey has supported artists of all genres from Blues, Rock, Country, RnB and Jazz. He’s performed with David Lee Murphy, Lucie Silvas, Radney Foster, Cassadee Pope, Derek St. Holmes, Danielle Bradberry and others.

In addition to his work as a session musician, Corey writes and performs his own music and in 2016 released his first EP “Well Suited”

Since 2010 Corey has authored over 15 instructional guitar courses and has partnered with websites such as TrueFire.com BrettPapa.com and YourGuitarSage.com More information on studying guitar with Corey can be found here.

Corey is also an artist clinician for C.F. Martin Guitar & Co. as well as a presenter for Universal Audio. He can be found presenting for both of these brands year round.

Corey currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee where he works as a session guitarist and online educator.